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School Uniform Alterations

School Uniform Alterations

School dress codes can be a touchy matter. Most require certain lengths and sizes while in attendance, however these requirements can vary from school to school. You’ll need to check with your school’s uniform policy to determined whether it may or may not be altered. Some schools may have you purchase your own garments for […]

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Tailoring vs Alterations

Tailoring vs Alterations. What’s the Difference?

Tailoring and alterations are two words that often come up in discussions about clothing. Some people use these words interchangeably, however they are NOT the same things. Tailoring vs Alterations Tailoring refers to a clothing item that is custom-fitted for the wearer. Because the clothing is custom-fit, it will look good on the person it was

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MRSA Virus Infection

Is the MRSA Virus Hiding In Your Child’s Locker Room

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are a type of staphylococcus or “staph” bacteria that are resistant to many antibiotics. Staph bacteria, like other kinds of bacteria, normally live on your skin and in your nose, usually without causing problems. MRSA is different from other types of staph because it cannot be treated with certain antibiotics such

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Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning

When you’re ready to have your wedding dress cleaned, you do have a few options available to you.  While we’d like to see every bride have their dress professionally cleaned and preserved, we understand that not all brides will be up to the task after the expense and busyness surrounding their wedding day.  Your options

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What Is Dry Cleaning?

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Doing laundry has been a common household activity for years. Whether the techn­ology­ was­ beating the garments on rocks by the river or pushing buttons on programmed washing machines, this process depends on water and a mechanical action usua­lly assisted by soap or an alkali. The purpose of an alkali is to saponify the oils

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