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School Uniform Alterations

School Uniform Alterations

by Alexander’s Dry Cleaners

School dress codes can be a touchy matter. Most require certain lengths and sizes while in attendance, however these requirements can vary from school to school. You’ll need to check with your school’s uniform policy to determined whether it may or may not be altered. Some schools may have you purchase your own garments for the uniform, which is generally easier to work with. So if you have the specifications your school requires please bring it in and we’ll be happy to help you start looking your best for class.

Alexander’s Dry Cleaners is Allen Park’s premier clothing alterations and repair specialist. Our seamstress has more than 25 years of experience and can do most anything with a needle and thread. From the simplest repair to the most extreme alteration, rest assured we can handle it.

Here are a list of common school uniforms we tailor:

Preschool uniforms tailored
Middle School uniforms tailored
Elementary school uniforms tailored
High school uniforms tailored
Prep-school uniforms tailored
Private school uniforms tailored

Here are the more common alterations needed:

Uniform Skirt hemming
Uniform Pant leg hems
Uniform Vest take in
Uniform shirts take in
Uniform Waist take in
Uniform Let out waist, legs
Uniform lengthen hems
Uniform patches

This is only a small list of what we are able to do, call us at 313-386-7300 or stop by our Allen Park location and let us know if you think of something else.



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